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Best Practices for Writing a Perfect Prescription!

Best Practices for Writing a Perfect Prescription!

Why is this important? – So your order doesn’t get stuck needing more information before we are able to ship it out.

Why is McGuff so strict with what is on prescriptions? – to make sure that the Physician, Patient, and Pharmacy don’t get in hot water.

What is the required information a complete prescription needs?

Physician Information

  • Full Name
  • Type of Physician
  • Clinic Address and Phone Number
  • License Number

 Patient Demographics

  • Patient’s Full Name
  • Patient’s Complete Address (regardless of where it is shipping)
  • Patient’s Phone Number
  • Patient’s Medication List
  • Patient’s Drug Allergies
  • Patient’s Diagnosis

Prescribed Drug

  • Dose - The prescribed amount, volume or quantity of medicine to be taken or administered at a particular time (e.g. 1 mg, 1 mL, 1 tablet etc).
  • Route of Administration - Routes of administration should be specific (e.g. oral, intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously).
  • Frequency – Ensures the patient takes a medication at the specified interval (e.g. every 4-6 hours, daily, weekly, monthly). Remember, “PRN” (as needed) is not a frequency and requires further information (e.g. PRN twice a day).

This is an example of a perfect prescription:


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Common Mistakes people make on prescriptions (do not do these!)


  1.        Sig: Inject 0.5mL 2x/week in AM 

The example above is missing the route of administration.


  1.        Sig: Bring to office for trigger point therapy

 The example above is missing the route of administration, dose to administer and frequency.


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