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When choosing a compounding pharmacy, you want to feel confident that you are receiving the highest quality compounded preparations from the very beginning. There is no compromise when it comes to your health, and that starts with the quality of the raw materials we use to compound our products. We model our operations to meet FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice standards throughout the entire process.  Our raw materials come from FDA-registered suppliers and are prescreened as necessary to ensure the material we work with is suitable for compounding.  Our compounding pharmacists and technicians are highly specialized and continually receive routine training. We have developed a robust quality system to address potency, endotoxin, sterility and other quality control parameters before the release of compounded preparations.

  • Our Development Process
Request for a compounded preparation is identified
Development and regulatory requirements are reviewed of the requested preparation
Search for an FDA registered manufacturer of the active pharmaceutical ingredients
Formulation development takes place
Compounding processes are validated

Production of compounded batch

Quality Control testing as necessary for release of compounded preparations


The compounded preparation is released, packaged, labeled and ready to be delivered to its designated location

development process